Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras

Speed Camera System Program Administrator

The Town of Forest Heights Police Department Speed Camera Program Administrator is Deputy Chief Marcus Jones. As the Program Administrator, Deputy Chief Jones is responsible for overseeing the Speed Camera Program. In accordance with state law, Deputy Chief Jones must undergo minimum training every two (2) years.

Speed Camera System Program Ombudsman

Mr. Ronald Govan serves as the Town's Speed Program Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is responsible for investigating and responding to all questions or concerns regarding the Town speed camera system. The Ombudsman has the authority to review, upon request from the individual who received the citation, citations that are believed to be erroneous. Examples of erroneous citations include, but are not limited to:

Citations containing images of registration plates that do not match the actual registration plate issued for the vehicle

Citations that show a stopped vehicle

Images displaying an incorrectly measured speed

Images displaying a measured speed that is below the allowable threshold

Images that were taken outside of the allowable hours and/or days for speed systems in school zones 

(allowable time frame for school zones is Monday – Friday, 6 am – 8 pm)

Upon the determination that a citation is erroneous, the Ombudsman has the authority to void the citation. 

The Ombudsman's responsibility is to ensure that all requests for review are answered in a reasonable time frame. 

The Ombudsman is not involved in the review and/or issuance of the initial citation to keep an objective scope for all requests for review.

Speed Camera Locations

A list of locations where the camera units are deployed is below:

o 5500 block of Indian Head Highway Northbound/Southbound - 30 MPH Speed Limit

o Livingston Road @ Comanche Drive - 30 MPH Speed Limit 

o 6300 block of Oxon Hill Road Eastbound/Westbound - 30 MPH Speed Limit 

The Speed Camera systems law can be found here: § 21-809. Speed Monitoring Systems

Payment Options

PAYMENT WEB ADDRESS IS: https://secure.speedviolation.com

Pay by Phone: Call 1-866-272-5409 

Operators are available Mon-Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM (EST) to assist you. A pay–by–phone option, utilizing the touchpad, is available 24/7.

Pay by Mail: Check or money order should be payable to: FOREST HEIGHTS PHOTO ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM, P.O. BOX 2525,  DECATUR, IL 62525-1866


Deputy Chief of Police Marcus Jones

Program Administrator


Mr. Ronald Govan 

Speed Camera Ombudsman