Community Resources


As members of the community, the police proudly boast a close knit relationship with our community. We serve as more than simply a law enforcement agency but as a community-based public safety organization that is dedicated to the residents of, visitors to, and bypassers through Forest Heights. We do more than make arrests, write tickets, and maintain order. The FHPD is an involved organization that speaks with and listens to our residents.


The basis of our Community Oriented Policing (COP) Program is initiative. We observe a potentially dangerous area or circumstance and work to prevent a crime from occurring. When we are able to stay ahead of an incident we are better prepared to handle it; and in many cases, we are able to prevent it from occurring.

What Makes it Different

Community Oriented Policing requires involvement from every member of the community. It is a different perspective than traditional police work and shifts the mentality of the Department from incident response to crime prevention.

This starts with patrol officers noticing something as simple as a street light out in a neighborhood, an irregularly parked car, or a disadvantaged citizen with reduced physical capabilities, and it evolves on a continuous basis. The officer's intuition is only a piece of the puzzle, supported and sustained by your input.

Programs & Resources

The Office of Community Resources is responsible for:

  • Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Police Ride-Along Program
  • School Resources
  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)

  1.  Dominick Paige

    Community Resource Officer
    Phone: 301-839-4040

    Crime Tips Hotline:
    301-839-4040, ext. 1246
  2. Fax: 301-839-1122
  3. Frank Campbell

  4. Administrator, Automated Speed/Parking Enforcement Unit

Phone Number: 301-839-4040 Email:


Phone Number: 301-839-4040