Article 2 Administration

Section 2.1: Definitions

The following underlined words and phrases when used in this Code shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this Section:

  • Town Council - The Mayor and Council for the Town of Forest Heights.
  • Mayor - The Mayor of the Town of Forest Heights.
  • Councilperson - Any member of the Town Council of the Town of Forest Heights and synonymous with councilman.
  • Full-Time Employee - Any employee of the Town who customarily works 40 or more hours per week.

Section 2.2: Compensation of the Mayor and Councilpersons

The Mayor shall receive a salary of $2,600.00 per year payable quarterly. Each councilperson shall receive a salary of $1,000 per year payable quarterly.

Section 2.3: Employee Benefits

The Town Council is authorized and empowered to provide the employees of the Town with benefits, including, but not limited to, death benefits, surgical, hospitalization and other sick benefits, under group insurance plans or otherwise.

Section 2.4: Full-Time Employees

A. The appointment of all employees of the Town who are employed to work full time shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the Town Council.

B. No full time employee of the Town, who has been employed twelve (12) months or longer, shall be reduced in pay, suspended or permanently separated except for cause AS stated in writing, and with the affirmative vote of a majority of the Town Council following a hearing. This Section does not apply to law enforcement personnel.

C. Law Enforcement Officers of the Town shall have their employment rights governed by the provisions of the "Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights'' ([Art. 27, 727] public safety art., section 3-101 et. seq of the Annotated Code of Maryland).

Section 2.5: Power to Pass Regulations

The Town Council may, from time to time, by resolution issue such rules and regulations governing the use of Town property by officers, employees, and volunteers as it deems appropriate.

Section 2.6: Holidays

Holidays shall conform to Federal holidays as set forth in [Public Law 90-353] 5 U.S. CODE, § 6103, Monday Holiday Law, and will be observed as follows:

  • New Years Day January 1
  • Washington's Birthday Third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day Last Monday in May
  • Independence Day July 4
  • Labor Day First Monday in September
  • Columbus Day Second Monday in October
  • Veteran's Day November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day December 25
  • Inauguration Day January 20 (every 4 years)
  • M. L. King, JR. DAY THIRD MONDAY IN January

Section 2.7: Annual and Sick Leave

All full time employees after completing six months of consecutive satisfactory employment shall he entitled to earned annual or vacation leave. After one month of satisfactory employment, full time employees shall he entitled to sick leave. The earning rate and accumulation quotas for annual and sick (Pay shall be established by administrative directive of the Mayor and Town Council). The Mayor and Town Council shall promulgate the appropriate regulations and directives implementing this ordinance.