Article 21 Legislative Practices

Section 21.1: Practices and Procedures.

All members of the Town Council of the Town of Forest Heights shall abide by the following rules and practices to ensure the proper conduct of Town business, proper administrative interaction with agencies outside of the municipality, and proper administration of employees of the Town of Forest Heights.

a. Within thirty days of taking office, the Mayor shall establish, at a minimum, four standing oversight committees to include, Ways and Means, Finance, Public Works and Sanitation, and Public Safety, and shall appoint chairs from among the sitting councilpersons to each of these committees. These committees shall provide oversight of an advisory nature in their respective areas. The Ways and Means Committee shall serve as a liaison entity to ensure proper financial and operational balance is achieved between departments and shall identify sources of potential revenue.

b. Except as stated herein, Council Committee Chairs shall be authorized to solicit funding from Federal, State, or local officials and other such agencies having a purpose that falls within the scope of their respective committees. Council Committee Chairs shall keep the Mayor informed about any communications they may have with such officials or agencies to procure funding. Any negotiations to procure funding or expedite funding must involve the approval of the Mayor and two (2) Council Members, provided that no binding agreement shall be entered into without the approval of the Town Council. This Act may be expanded by resolution of the legislative body of the Town of Forest Heights as warranted. Violation of this article shall be deemed a municipal infraction subject to a fine not to exceed $1,000.