What do I do if my vehicle was impounded by the Police?
If your vehicle was impounded by Forest Heights Police then it can only be released by an authorization from Forest Heights Police. No other police department can authorize the release of the vehicle. To obtain a vehicle release form you must provide the administrative staff with the case number (CCN), your license plate and/or VIN and the towing officer’s name and ID number. The towing officer is required to complete a vehicle release form by the end of his/her duty day for any vehicle that will be released. This form will be available to the Administrative Staff by the next business day. The fee for the vehicle release is $150, which can be paid by cashier’s check or money order to Forest Heights Police Department. If your vehicle was involved in an accident or it was a recovered stolen vehicle there is no fee.

The majority of all vehicles impounded by Forest Heights Police will be towed by Fort Washington Towing, Inc.

Fort Washington Towing can be reached at:
7303 Livingston Road
Oxon Hill, MD 20745
(301) 567-2033

Fort Washington Towing has a web page related to Forest Heights Police Impounds, which can provide more information on retrieving your vehicle after you have received a vehicle release from the Police Department.

Recovering your vehicle from impound does not negate your responsibility to respond to any violation that was committed that led to your vehicle being impounded. Any citations will remain active until they are satisfied with the Town or the District Court.

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